Questions For Interesting Answers

The hardest thing about searching hookups is finally going on that sex date and having to think of things to talk about. Nothing’s worse than an awkward silence, particularly when you simply want to rip a woman’s clothes off and you have to pretend you are somewhat interested in what she has to say. Okay, that’s cruel, to be fair, you probably are interested in what she has to say, it’s just that she’s super hot and it’s very distracting. Also – she probably could care less of what you have to say, but this is the dance you’ll both just have to do for the sake of….I don’t know….anticipation, politeness, “modesty”?

Here’s a few ideas for questions you can actually ask your adult friend that will produce answers you’ll probably actually find interesting.

1. Have you ever traveled around another country alone?

2. Are you into horror movies?

3. Wouldn’t it be cool to just quit your job and go live in Prague for a year?

4. Are your religious?

5. Does it annoy you when people making grammar and spelling mistakes when sending messages on online dating sites?

6. Do you cook? If so, what?

7. What’s your favorite book and why?

8. Name the best album of the year. And defend it?

9. Who was your first sexual crush?

10. Do you think humans are fundamentally evil or fundamentally good?

Yes, some of these questions are risky, but who cares? It’s better than being bored to death isn’t it?

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