Women Want a Good Return on their Investments

Let’s have a little chat about the economics of sex. People want a return on their investments. And women, having been sexually and economically repressed for so many years, are particularly weary when it comes to their investments. They want to be sure they will get an excellent return on their stock, and if they find out they aren’t, they’ll pull out as quickly and smoothly as possible.

This means men must be able to perform well. They must be able to give. Because when she’s searching hookups, she’s not just looking for beauty, she’s looking for generosity and performance. Now, when I say performance, I don’t mean endurance or style, I mean, more or less, how talented you are with your tongue and your fingers, and how good you are at taking directions. When I say generosity, I mean how willing you are to give at least the equivalent of what she gives you, and hopefully more. Without performance, generosity is useless and without generosity, performance is useless.

Sex is no longer just about men, but a lot of men still think it is. They don’t necessarily think it’s just about their pleasure, but they might have a tendency to think she finds the most pleasure in pleasing him. And while yes, it is always (or hopefully) pleasurable to please your partner, that definitely doesn’t mean women don’t want some for themselves! So, to you men with this selfish sex model in mind, I say: too bad for you, because in this day and age of online hookups, women have so many dudes to choose from that the wise ones – the ones who are worth it – aren’t going to waste their time with some idiot who refuses to return on their investment.

I write this not to be cruel, but because I believe one or two of you need a good wake up call, particularly if you are under 25. Now, having said all this, if you recognize your performance may not be, ahem, exceptional, don’t fret. If you are honest and eager with woman that comes to your bed, I am sure she will be happy to teach you a few things, and soon enough, your performance will match your generosity.

Any questions? No. Good.

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